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The Earl Slick Band gig due to take place on 21 July 2022 is now rescheduled for 8 June 2023. The Slicky Speaks event is also rescheduled for the same date. Please read the message from Slicky’s management below.

Dear all,

It’s with a heavy heart that we have decided to postpone our Fistful Of Devils Tour again. Slicky is making a steady recovery from Lyme disease but is still not back to full fitness and with the tour only two months away it would have been a gamble for everyone involved to carry on as planned. By postponing to 2023 we are giving Slick the best chance of being fighting fit for then.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience and we promise to make them the best comeback shows since Elvis. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Tickets purchased for the original date remain valid for both events. Tickets for the Earl Slick Band have sold out but tickets are still on sale for Slicky Speaks.

Thanks for your ongoing support of events at the Wrecking Ball Arts Centre.