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Slow London

Inspirational lifestyle guides for locals and visitors who want to live more and fret less
The antithesis of trendy, these guides celebrate all that’s local, natural, traditional, sensory, and most of all gratifying about life in a particular city. Readers are invited to rise up—in their own sweet time, of course—against the culture of speed, fad, and uniformity, and instead revel in the things that make this corner of the world unique. Explore the natural features that shape and define the city, clip the wings of time, shop with soul, tune into your senses, and savor life without spending. There is even a slow guide for fast kids, and lots of inspirational tips, activities, and affirmations that will help you get more out of life’s simple pleasures. Expressive black-and-white photography conveys the soul of the city and evokes a sense that everything old is new again.
A frenetic, densely populated city, London is full of opportunities to enjoy the local, the handmade, and the independent—everything the slow movement champions. This guide encourages visitors to head to Kew gardens in October to smell the Algerian Oak’s sweet fragrance, visit the National Trust tearoom in Morden Hall Park for “home-baked goodness, mostly sourced from the walled kitchen garden,” or stop by the Duke of Uke, the city’s only ukulele and banjo emporium. Whether stopping into a Turkish bath before breakfast or strolling the town in search of the boldest new street art, visitors will find this guide filled with plenty of memorable, quality ways to experience London.

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