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The Universe and Me

 “Toria’s words are silk javelins. Frank explorations of self, outpourings of a joyfully pained mind. She means it. Cos she’s lived it. I love that girl”  Mike Garry


“rendered unemployed by Arkwright’s spinning Jenny at twelve years old. No wonder she’s a luddite. Happily, she turned to the pen, with astonishing results. Ladies and gentlemen I give you, our mellifluous girl from the mills, Toria Garbutt” John Cooper Clarke


“Toria Garbutt is an utterly extraordinary poet, with a rich soul, hard kick and the biggest heart. In live performance she has an exquisite effect on the listener, she made me blush once and I am still blushing thinking about it now”  Salena Godden


“the most exciting poet I’ve seen in years”  Mark Grist


“I love her stuff” Hollie McNish

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