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Holt House


t’s a quiet house, sheltered, standing in a mass of tangled old trees called the Holtwood. Raymond watches it. He’s been watching it, through a gap in the fence at the bottom of the garden, for weeks. Thinking about the elderly owners, Mr and Mrs Latch, who took him in one night when he was a frightened boy caught up in an emergency. Mr Latch showed him something that was kept in a wardrobe in the spare room. He can’t remember what it was. He only knows how sick it made him feel. Raymond watches Holt House. He has to remember what he saw. He has to get inside.



London, early-1970s. In a city plagued by football violence, Republican bombings, blackouts and virulent racism, a new urban myth is taking hold. Among the broken down estates, crumbling squats and failed projects of a dying metropolis, whispered sightings of a malevolent figure nicknamed the Judderman are spreading. A manifestation of the sick psyche of a city, or something else?

Protect the Children


Is your father a member of a satanic order? And would your own mother conspire to have you silenced in order to keep the secret?


When an unsuspecting care worker stumbles across a plan to abduct a young girl from a children’s home, intuition is ignored, the consequences high.


Hidden behind the establishment’s polished façade exists a cult. Paedophilia and ritual sacrifice, life-giving blood in exchange for power and wealth are rife.


Below Europe’s surface, a labyrinth is discovered. The Atanii, half human half animal, dwell within its realm – the gods worshiped by the elite, the hidden force that has manipulated the world above for thousands of years.


Set in three European countries, five lives collide and become tangled in a web of mysterious intrigue. A dark but humorous tale of missing children, reincarnation and mind control.

The Greatcoat


In the winter of 1952, Isabel Carey moves to the East Riding of Yorkshire with her husband Philip, a GP. With Philip spending long hours on call, Isabel finds herself isolated and lonely as she strives to adjust to the realities of married life.


Woken by intense cold one night, she discovers an old RAF greatcoat hidden in the back of a cupboard. Sleeping under it for warmth, she starts to dream. And not long afterwards, while her husband is out, she is startled by a knock at her window.


Outside is a young RAF pilot, waiting to come in.


His name is Alec, and his powerful presence both disturbs and excites her. Her initial alarm soon fades, and they begin an intense affair. But nothing has prepared her for the truth about Alec’s life, nor the impact it will have on hers…

The Monster’s Wife


To a tiny island in Orkney, peopled by a devout community of twenty, comes Victor Frankenstein. He’s driven there by a Devil’s bargain: to make a wife for the Creature who is stalking him across Europe.


‘Life changed when he came to the island, the foreign doctor from further away than anyone cared to know. The night he landed, a storm rose and blew boats towards the Northern ice floes, swept Dolphins aground to lie panting on the white scythe of beach. New lambs were stolen and hens found with their throats torn out. Kirk-going women left their cooking and ran wild, reeling home soused to take the distaff to their husbands’ heads. All were agreed that this pestilence followed the foreign doctor to the island as Hell follows the pale rider.’

The Night Visitors


Two women connected by the notorious Gosforth Massacre of 1917, a murder case famous among true-crime fans and internet sleuths, strike up an email conversation and begin an uneasy investigation into their mutual ancestor Hattie Soak, a silent film star who fled the scene of the crime.


The Night Visitors explores ghosts, obsession and inherited evil. In this novella, the technology that connects us becomes the conduit of un-expiated evil in a story told entirely via an exchange of emails.