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Protect the Children

Is your father a member of a satanic order? And would your own mother conspire to have you silenced in order to keep the secret?


When an unsuspecting care worker stumbles across a plan to abduct a young girl from a children’s home, intuition is ignored, the consequences high.


Hidden behind the establishment’s polished façade exists a cult. Paedophilia and ritual sacrifice, life-giving blood in exchange for power and wealth are rife.


Below Europe’s surface, a labyrinth is discovered. The Atanii, half human half animal, dwell within its realm – the gods worshiped by the elite, the hidden force that has manipulated the world above for thousands of years.


Set in three European countries, five lives collide and become tangled in a web of mysterious intrigue. A dark but humorous tale of missing children, reincarnation and mind control.

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Austin Macauley Publishers