Owen McCafferty

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Owen McCafferty: Plays 2


Owen McCafferty’s second collection includes plays that span from the sinking of the Titanic to the lingering aftermath of the Troubles in twenty-first-century Belfast.


Absence of Women
‘A fine example of theatre at its small-scale best.’ Evening Standard


‘Owen McCafferty’s rigorous verbatim play provides an antidote to Titanic fatigue… Two months of hearings from 97 witnesses are whittled down to nine… What remains, even after a century, is a disturbing sense of moral ambiguity: 1, 517 dead and no one to blame.’ Guardian


‘Remarkable. inspired. The piece packs sweeping questions about forgiveness and accountability into a tightly plotted encounter.’ Daily Telegraph


‘McCafferty writes with empathy and a wry humour that makes for an absorbing – if painful – hour.’ Financial Times


Death of a Comedian
‘Despite the humour, McCafferty’s play is a tragedy. his most accomplished work to date.’ Belfast Telegraph