Alice Lushington

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Cycling Proficiency: The Road to Recovery


As revealing as a bikini made of tooth floss, Cycling Proficiency is a 4,482 mile illustrated story of pedal-powered redemption.


It follows the wilfully ridiculous travels of a just-turned 22 year old on a freebie bike who doesn’t yet know how to fix a puncture and point-blank refuses to wear Lycra (or pants). Also, she’s crazy. Not ‘cute’ crazy, not ‘bohemian’ crazy, but where-are-the-sandwiches-at-this-picnic, medically approved, crazy. Off she goes on her wonky way, hoping things will be alright.


Fuelled by reckless enthusiasm, many tinned sprouts and just a dash of naivety, Alice hurricanes through Europe meeting a whole pick ‘n’ mix of whacky characters along the way. She returns an inch and a half taller.


This book is proof to all flavours of people that the weathers of the mind are there to be embraced.