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Polly Paulusma plays Wrecking Ball Music & Books this Sunday, October 2. It’s the fourth date on Polly’s tour and here’s why she’s heading to Hull:

“Hull always makes me think firstly of the poet Philip Larkin, who’s found himself posthumously cancelled (roll over Wagner) for being a raving misogynist, although I cannot help but weep a little bit at the sheer beauty of ‘The Whitsun Weddings’, and feel the ‘toad’ crouching on me viscerally sometimes. And of course, they really do fuck you up, your mum and dad. But I need to read more recent biographies of him. In the meantime, I get to visit Hull with my band (see Day #3, Barton for details of personnel) and we will play The Wrecking Ball Arts Centre on 2 October.

“The reason we are playing this gorgeous venue is 100% because of Kathryn Williams, my dear friend, collaborator, and sister in song. Kath’s beautiful debut novel ‘The Ormering Tide’, you see, was published by Wrecking Ball Press. Aha, the ever decreasing circles….


“I am so happy to be playing at the organisation that supported her to publish this novel. I was lucky enough to read early drafts of it, and its milky dreamscapes and liquid descriptions were another textual prompt to make me weep. You know that throat choke, you try to stop it, but something is being drawn from you, purged from you, some bit of hatred or bile or some such, and perhaps beautiful things pull them out of us, get us closer to that Edenic state we are striving to return to. I got this with Joni playing at Newport, too. An irrepressible blub that had nothing to do with sadness and everything to do with the surprise of the joy of being alive.

“You may think that I spend my life in a permanent state of lachrymose volatility, but I don’t. It’s actually become far too rare for anything to move me these days. Maybe it’s age. But when it does, you remember. And I hope I may get a chance to get you in the throat in Hull. I will certainly do my best, because as you well know, when push comes to shove, it is every singer-songwriter’s awful ambition to make you cry.”

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