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December 2

Jarrod Dickenson

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About The Event

15 Whitefriargate
Hull, HU1 2ER United Kingdom
December 2, 2023
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

If Jarrod Dickenson’s third studio album, “BIG TALK” sounds like a
mighty roar of defiance, that’s not a design choice or a marketing
decision. The big Texan is settling scores all over town and he means
every f*cking word.

So what happened in the years since the release of Dickenson’s soulful
sophomore long-player, “Ready the Horses”, to have turned this
honey-voiced southern gentleman into a brawler? After a major label
deal-gone-bad threatened to choke off his career and Covid complications
left him with a life-long medical condition Dickenson would have
certainly been forgiven for retreating to his Nashville home to lick
wounds and maybe write a collection of introspective self-pity anthems.

Instead, the hardships and infuriation of recent years have only added
steel to the resolve of an artist already willing to do it the hard way,
prepared to stand in the face of a music business that shows dwindling
regard for the brand of artistry that first inspired him to pick up a
guitar and sing for his life.