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Riverhead Books

Life is What You Make It


Illustrated with original photographs from a family album dating from the 1870s to the 1960s, this book is a journey through the lives of three generations of strong women from one Hull family.


The author, Joyce Chatwin, now in her nineties, takes the reader to places as far apart as Mallaig in Scotland and Doelali (Doolally) in India, as she interweaves a series of remarkable life stories, through two world wars and beyond, in Hull’s unique fishing community.

Memories of Cottingham Station


David Kay spent nearly half his life in Cottingham, attending all the appropriate schools, followed by a fourteen year career in the now dwindling travel agency business, of which almost eight years were at Thomas Cooks, including a brief two years in Bristol with Blue Star Travel.


He was then offered a bread and cake delivery business until it failed. The next eighteen years were as a taxi driver, a career that paid good money, but one that David loathed. Since then, he’s had a multitude of jobs too numerous to mention. He lives alone in a Doncaster park home and is very happy indeed with his current lifestyle… delivering pizzas!

The Poetic Hooligan


Illustrated with over 100 original photographs


Anyone who experienced the hardships of being brought up in a two-up, two-down house in the fifties and sixties, without any hot water or an indoor toilet, will identify with Richard Haldenby’s ‘warts and all’ account of his childhood in the deprived backstreets of Hull.


But those troubled times provide just the beginning of his remarkable story.


After starting work at 15 during the austere 1970s, he was married at 20 and became a hardworking family man before the decade was over.


Behind this facade of normality however lay a much darker side, as he was drawn into the violent world of gang culture, street fights and football hooliganism…